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Transactions & Corporate

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate

  • Leasing and Landlord Tenant Matters

  • Negotiation and Preparation of Shareholder and Operating Agreements

  • Incorporations and Corporate Dissolution

Years of experience have taught us that the failure to invest modestly in appropriate legal advice at the inception of a “simple” or “friendly” business relationship can cause devastating financial and personal consequences in the future. Similarly, a “simple” real estate transaction required painstaking attention to detail in order to prevent problems too often unforeseen at the closing table.

The Law Firm of Dean T. Bennett provides cost-effective, efficient, and thorough counseling and representation to individuals and small businesses in a variety of corporate and transactional matters. Services provided include corporate formation, counseling and negotiating on behalf of individuals entering or withdrawing from a partnership, shareholder and operating agreements, mergers and corporate dissolution, and representation of sellers and purchasers of residential and commercial properties.

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